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"An RGB LED is an LED which consists of a red, a green and a blue LED. Most have four connections: a common anode and a ground for each color LED..."
"There are different ways of controlling the RGB LED. One way is by implementing buttons or rotary switches for each color, but this way it will be..."
"In this report, the different practical assignments that have been carried out are described. Resistive circuits in Chapter 2, Diodes and Transistors..."
"We are living in the Information Age. The availability of information has never been this great. As a result, technology is evolving at an increasing pace..."
"I am driven by what I observe and base my conclusions on facts and statistics. As a result, I am able to see opportunities and have a critical look..."
"This wireframe shows how this website started as a simple structured document. With the given feedback, I have changed somethings, but most..."
"This document shows some example graphics which are used while building this website, such as fonts, icons, and colors. Fonts: SF Pro Display Medium..."
"I think that the questionnaire was really helpful. It gave us a better understanding of the user. I am not a big fan of personas, so I found them not..."
"Generating and discussing ideas, Promotional design, Prototype 1, Prototype 2, Market Research, Pitch Preparation, Processing survey..."
"This code generates a visual representation of a score from 0 to 100. The representation can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as..."
"I had no experience with coding before I started with this course, so I started off with carefully studying the document 'Getting Started with Processing'..."
"A magnetic track, symmetric carriages, a rubber track, powered by elektromotor, attaching mechanism. Alternative to electromagnetic propulsion..."
"During the project, I have been able to work on all areas of expertise. For example, I have worked on building the electronics and lighting system..."
"Does reflect and can demonstrate a constructive contribution to teamwork in the project and courses. Takes feedback of tutor into account..."
"In the 21st century modern cities have problems with housing. Underground housing is one of the solutions to this problem. Yet this solution has..."